Collage work in my A4 sketchbook. I photocopied some of the sketches and paintings and also some photos to increase the scale of them. I'm interested in the textures of things when they are enlarged or zoomed into. Experimenting with photocopies is useful as it's easy to increase scale and have multiple copies for variations without cutting out the original pieces.

Art of Ancient Mexico - sketches

After seeing Margaret's sketchbook drawings from way back recently, it got me thinking about my first attempts to use sketchbooks. I wasn't very keen on them. I wasn't sure what I should use them for and was too hung up on things not looking 'nice' or 'finished' in them.

After an initial start with quite a few drawings done at the Hayward Gallery of an exhibition called 'The Art of Ancient Mexico' (sketches below), I struggled to keep using my sketchbook and gave up a few months later. I decided they just weren't for me. Fortunately, many years later, I finally got the point of using sketchbooks after doing a short sketchbook course at City Lit.

Painted a version of the small sketch above