Print City and Mini Print exhibitions

Very pleased to have two prints selected for the 'Mini print prize' and 'Print City'. Both exhibitions are at Morley Gallery from 31st October - 11th November 2017. Works from the Mini print exhibition will also be in two identical box sets the V&A are adding to their Words and Images department and their Archive department. It's the first time my work has become part of a public collection.

Experimenting with ink

Trying different ways to ink lino. First thing I discovered was my roller had some dried glue and medium on it after using it for other stuff so there are some unintended textures and added variation to the ink coverage. I also did some ghost prints and sprayed water onto the lino when there was barely any ink left. I got a surprising amount of ink onto the paper just from spraying the water. It gave quite a grainy texture to those prints too. Even wiping most of the ink off the lino and running it through my small press with newsprint transferred the wiping marks to paper.

For my paper I used some old scrappy pieces and newsprint to print on. They are more interesting to me than better quality papers at the moment. It will probably age badly but I find those changes interesting.

Water sprayed onto lino to use up ink residue

Water sprayed onto lino without re-inking

Weathered textures

Experimenting with monotypes to try and achieve textures. Also using Akua inks to avoid the need for solvents. Oil-based prints give off some strong fumes when I take them home so I'm taking my own water-based inks to college rather than use oils and solvents. The idea is to make textures that have an aged or weathered look. Taking several ghost prints from a single plate and adding a spray of water to get more of the ink residue off the plate and onto paper. Some have a texture that remind me of stone or books beginning to rot.

And some where I'm starting to use a little colour and pattern.

Art Hub Print Open 2015

Two of my large digital prints will be showing at Art Hub Gallery, 5-9 Creekside, Deptford SE8 4SA from 13-29 June 2015.

PV: Friday 12th June 2015 6-9pm at Art Hub Gallery

"See you at the Private View where Winners will be chosen by artists Tricia Gillman and Bob & Roberta Smith! We have some great prizes from our sponsors including Craft Beer from Brockley Brewery, a £100 voucher for John Purcell and a Cash Prize! We'll be having a right old party too with DJs, Print Shop, Live Printing and Bar stocked with delicious Brockley Brewery Beer."

More details here