Weathered textures

Experimenting with monotypes to try and achieve textures. Also using Akua inks to avoid the need for solvents. Oil-based prints give off some strong fumes when I take them home so I'm taking my own water-based inks to college rather than use oils and solvents. The idea is to make textures that have an aged or weathered look. Taking several ghost prints from a single plate and adding a spray of water to get more of the ink residue off the plate and onto paper. Some have a texture that remind me of stone or books beginning to rot.

And some where I'm starting to use a little colour and pattern.

Akua liquid ink

Bought some Akua liquid ink and had my first try using it yesterday. I'm probably not getting the retarder and ink ratio right on the first layer as it was a pain trying to get a completely opaque layer of black. You have to do lots of layers to get the opacity complete with their black ink. Other colours only need a few coats apparently. The ink didn't lift off my plates as much as I'd expected and has a very grainy appearance as a result.

Will try again with till I get it right or get to the end of the bottle at least! These first attempts are now going to be used as backgrounds for other bits of collage. I have a screen-printed astronaut that I did a few years ago and I wasn't sure what to do with it so cut it out to probably use with these and some other pieces.

Source material for the astronaut. Astronaut John H. Glenn, Flight Surgeon Dr. William Douglas and equipment specialist Joe Schmitt leave crew quarters prior to the Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) mission. Glenn carries a portable ventilation unit.Image by NASA. Nasa image in context.

Already gone

Decision making when creating a collage is hard; when you cut the paper you can't go back - unlike some painting.

Here's one I considered below.The blue foreground shapes were originally a monotype (original image) that I then cut up for collage. Since I photographed the composition below, I've cut the main blue shape into two pieces. New things become possible but the exact version below has gone.