Already gone

Decision making when creating a collage is hard; when you cut the paper you can't go back - unlike some painting.

Here's one I considered below.The blue foreground shapes were originally a monotype (original image) that I then cut up for collage. Since I photographed the composition below, I've cut the main blue shape into two pieces. New things become possible but the exact version below has gone.

Collage landscapes

Painted lots of pieces of A2 paper with different textures and colours last night and am now trying to choose which pieces of paper I think should go together.

I have a makeshift paper window to 'frame' combinations that I may glue onto my wooden panels. Still trying things out.

A small section of the chaos on the dining table!

Detail of paint on paper


Collage combinations

Decisions, decisions. I spent last night mainly tearing up small bits of painted papers and using masking tape to temporarily stick them on top of bigger pieces. I then photographed the various combinations on my mobile. In the end I decided I preferred just the larger bits together (one below). It's hard to choose which papers to stick together when I have so many.