Photo transfer

I learned how to do a couple of photo transfer techniques at the mixed media class today. I also messed up my first attempt as I rushed it. The paper wasn't stuck on as well as I thought and the ink mainly got rubbed off along with the paper as a result. The 2nd attempt on a different painting - below - was better. We used Plextol  which is very effective if done correctly. Good coverage is key unless you want a distressed look. Caroline also showed us an additional method that involved hand sanitiser(!) and inkjet acetate prints. Interesting stuff for experimenting with but will need to get some acetate that won't wreck the inkjet printer first. Will stick to Plextol for now which works best with laser copies.

Acrylic painting with photo transfer using Plextol - unfinished

I'm still thinking about what photo transfers I could add to this panel.

Unfinished painted canvas