Photographs as source material for printmaking

For a recent photopolymer etching I used 4 of my digital photos to create a digital collage. A photo of a bunker on a beach, the reflection of some trees in water, a wooden fence and a close-up of the texture of a tree. Layered, rotated, changes to opacity, levels changed, etc, were all done using Photoshop. This was then printed onto acetate and from that exposed onto a photopolymer plate using the UV unit at the London Print Studio.

Original photos used: 


I printed it with a mix of deep green etching ink with a little black added at A5 size. Ultimately I decided that the photopolymer print was too small. It ended up as a black and white giclée print at just under A2 size which I'm happier with.

As an A5 green etching