Folding box - hand printed assemblage

After enjoying making a few small foldable boxes last year (not sure what to call these!) I've tried scaling up. This one is 38cm high and I've used several printmaking techniques for most of the pieces - screenprint, cyanotype, etching and monoprint. I like that this can be displayed flat or open.


Cyanotype artist book

A small, 11.5 x 9.5 cm when closed (34.5 x 9.5cm when open) artist book for sale in my online shop. Using the old photographic process of cyanotype to print my drawn negative and contact print of leaves.  The three cyanotypes are glued onto 300gsm paper.


Solar plate etchings

Three solar plates printed side-by-side on buff coloured paper. Some old finds from deep in my plan chest. I'm gradually going through it with the hope of clearing out some older work so I have space for the new.